I Hereby Agree To the Following Terms:
1.   I Will give the above stated animal aproper food, water, and shelter at all times and will provide proper veterinary treatment when necessary. My treatment of the animal           shall be humane and loving for the rest of its life, and henceforth agree to be legally and financilly responsible for the animal
2.   I Will maintain a record of the vaccinations of the pet with a registered veterinary practitioner and will look after the over all well-being of the animal.
3.   If the animal is not already spayed/neutered at the time of adoption, I agree to have them sterilised once the animal is of safe age for the procedure. I will inform the                   adoption coordinator prior to the procedure and will provide proof of the same.
4.   I agree and understand that the adopted animal is to be kept as a family pet and cannot be used for another purpose .(eg: guard dog or working dog).
5.   I agree to never sell or give the animal to any person, company, organisation, research facility, or any animal shelter.
6.   I Will Keep an I.D. tag with my phone number and/or address on the animal at all times and Will keep the animal secure when taking them out of a confined area and                   during car rides.
7.   In case of adopting a cat, I Will not have the cat declawed or allow the cat outdoors without supervision.
8.   I agree to keep the coordinator informed of any change in my current address or phone number or any change in the location of the animal.
9.   I agree to immediately inform the adoption coordinator in case of an emergency regarding the animal or in case the animal is missing.
10. Though every effort has been made to ensure that the animal is in sound mind and a healthy, loving pet; neither the coordinator, not the foster can be held liable for any            injuries the animal might inflict after leaving their care.
11. I understand that the coordinator may make follow-up visits at mutually convenient times to ascertain that the above conditions are being met.If I fail to comply with the           terms of the agreement, the coordinator reserves the right to repossess the animal. and any cost necessary to rehabilitate the animal Will be borne by me.

 I agree to the terms listed above and understand that all ststements made are true. Any false information will result in the termination of this contract and the repossession of the above mentioned animal.

Our adoption formality entails house checks, paper work that includes a self attested copy of your residential address proof, follow up calls and random house checks. Any reported incident of abandonment or cruelty to animals will result in legal recourse in accordance with the prevention of cruelty to animals act.
Thankyou for volunteering, to help a dog in need. You are all that they need!