About Us

When a pair of perfectly rounded eyeballs follows you in serendipity in complete surrender, oblivious of the world, is when we decided that a theme needs to be constructed around this protagonist. It was an idea that germinated in the mind and translated into creating a "web of feelings " - as a mark of gratitude for the silent evocative force - our pooch.
In social interaction, one hardly ever makes a mention of their pets and conversations revolve around the mundane, everyday routines of others around us. We felt this needed a drastic change. As a pet parent you'd realise how significant a pet is, as a part of the family, and any mention of togetherness must have your furry friend first! We wanted to weave out stories of families with dogs as pets, gauge the different kinds of relationships that are present within families, to know the purpose of them bringing in pets at home, to inquire about the rising concept of adoption, over "buying" of pets. As a prelude, we began pooch tales as an instagram page publishing stories of different dogs- they were unique, heartwarming and special. We wish to make a difference in the life of every furry friend we see, especially on the streets, taking into consideration the life they're doomed to live as part of the Indian scenario.
We only gave vent to our emotions, much like an artist with his brush, lashes out the hues of colours and spins magic. Pooch tales re-kindles the gratitude for the selfless bond etched by this being.